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LF Disney NBC Triple Pocket Lock Shock Barrel Oogie Boogie Mini Backpack

Oogie Boogie has sent his finest trick-or-treaters to carry out his dastardly plans. Stay on his good side, or he may send his mischievous henchmen after you! The Loungefly Nightmare Before Christmas Glow Triple Pocket Lock, Shock, and Barrel Oogie Boogie Mini Backpack features Oogie Boogie as he spins on a roulette wheel. Up above, Lock, Shock, and Barrel can be found lurking in some spooky hideaways of Halloween Town. Turn the bag around to find Oogie’s dice, waiting to decide your fate! This frightfully fun accessory glows in the dark and has plenty of room for storing your tricks and treats.

3 x 8 x 10" (7.6cm x 20.32cm x 25.4cm)

Made of vegan leather (polyurethane)