LF Disney Little Mermaid Tritons Gift Puzzle Blind Box Pins

Your happy ending begins! Put together the pieces of Princess Ariel’s happily ever after with the Loungefly Little Mermaid Triton’s Gift Puzzle Mystery Box Pins. Shaped like puzzle pieces, each pin displays characters from the Disney animated classic. Collect all six unique pins to assemble the final scene of the movie, which takes place at the royal couple’s wedding! Adding a touch of romance to any outfit, these pins are sure to make waves in any collection.

Enamel pins are sold individually and a mystery. Collect all 6. There’s a 1 in 12 chance you may find the glitter chase pin of Princess Ariel and Prince Eric. Each pin is approximately 1.25-inches tall and features gunmetal colored hardware, as well as the signature Loungefly/Funko crown debossing on the back.

These pins are officially licensed Disney products.